Painting #sol16

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have the MTELs looming.  I’m taking the English MTEL this Friday and the Basic MTEL next Wednesday.  I’m not too stressed, but standardized testing has never been my forte.  So I’m taking another break to gather my thoughts (and try to make a mnemonic device for remembering Keats from Byron).

But one thing that’s getting me through this study time is painting.  I paint as a hobby/stress reliever and my parents were kind enough to bring down my paints and canvases when they visited a few weeks ago.

My aunt (my mother’s sister) grew up painting and she now, instead of having a normal living room, has a massive studio with a rainbow of acrylics at your beckon call.  After her nasty divorce, I spent my school vacations painting with her, trying to bring her some light in such a dark time.

During these painting sessions, we became extremely close.  We both essentially grew into our new selves in front of each other.  I watched her put her life back together and find her happiness and she watched me mature into the young adult I am today.  As a result, we are undeniably close,and painting provided that for us.

Now that I’m back in the states, I have complete access to my paints and am looking forward to picking up the brush again after Wednesday’s exam!


Flustered #sol16

Ever have those nights where you spend 30 minutes and come up with seven different slices to write but can never finish them?  This is that night for me.  My apartment smells of bacon (dinner.  So good) and I have MTEL study guides and notecards scattered to my sides on the futon.  I’m taking the MTEL on Friday in English and thought this slice entry would prove a decent 20 minute study break (only I have been cranking away on this entry for almost an hour now…)


Anywho!  Looks like I’m stationed on the writer’s block tonight, folks.  My day was pretty normal – it was a Korean holiday where men are supposed to give candy to women, so I did that.  It felt good to share the sweets with the females in my life! – and now I am home trying to study.  I’m on page 17 out of 82 of the study guide and have almost 84 notecards made.  I’m currently refreshing my mind on the Jacobean Era (JK I had no idea the Jacobean Era was a thing.  Had you asked me about it yesterday, I would have thought it was a movement started by all of the #teamjacob fans…).  So that’s my life right now.


I will say, though, I have a multitude of cool topics for some other nights where I actually have the time and energy to write.  So, I figure I’d share them and either inspire others to write or provide a good chortle or two.


Firstly, I tried writing about cooking bacon, because yum.  But then I just got hungry and didn’t know how to be original in describing the crackling sound.  Next, I thought it would be cool to write a poem/narrative/short story that only used song titles.  This was inspired by my latest iPod shuffle of “Hello,” “Sorry,” “Call Me Maybe,” “I Gotta Feeling,” “We Found Love,” “Yesterday.” But I got distracted by music and tried to incorporate Whitney and Lionel…it got overwhelming.  But is this a thing?  Have people done that before?  Because that’s definitely going to be a slice soon. My last failed slice entry had me using so many different literary devices to help me practice for the MTEL, but that got boring real fast.


So now I’m trying a stream of consciousness approach, and I actually find it quite cathartic!  So there’s my slice for this pi day/white day/rainy day.  Here’s to an uneventful idea of March!

The Roommate Talk #sol16

The Roommate Talk

Is it excitement

Or anxiety

That tickles my ribs

And my smooth tummy


Knowing that, in hours

The result of Friday’s

Actions will be met

With joy or malaise


What happened was wrong

But who is to blame?

For what’s the final

Goal in this long game?


To make me succeed

And feel comfort too

But that’s not what you

Think; I’m not aloof.


But bring on ‘morrow’s

Sunshine and cold wind

As well; I’ve readied

My heart and my mind.


I’m scared and nervous

Of how things will change

Once we meet up and

Have this exchange.

3 Buck Chuck #sol16

After spending 4 years at Yale University and then 2.5 years in South Korea immediately following graduation, these past few months as a resident of Boston have proven, and continue to be, quite challenging.  So many issues that were absent from the Yale and Korea bubbles inundate my daily grad student life, and sometimes I can’t seem to breathe.

But one of the most troubling aspects of this arduous re-acclimation to being an American living in America rests within the social scene.

I have a birthday party to attend to tonight, and I am supposed to bring a drink.

Now, I immediately thought that I could share a bottle of Trader Joe’s white zinfandel or chardonnay; not only are these tasty (seriously, they’re like Hi-C in a glass bottle), but they’re each three dollars.  That’s something an unemployed student teacher like myself can afford.

However, I spent too much time today debating with myself over whether or not I should bring this three buck chuck to the party .  You see, the birthday girl is a fellow Yalie currently conducting research at MIT.  The host is a Harvard Law School student, and most of the attendees are former Yale, current Harvard/MIT PhD candidates.  And I had the audacity to think that I should go out and splurge on a fancier bottle of booze to appease them.

I’ve struggled with trying not to care what others think of me.  This feeling had been squashed a few years ago, but since returning to the states as a grad student sans an income, it’s been challenging not letting that idea creep its way back into the various vicinities of my life.  And for a few seconds this afternoon while ANTM served as the white noise in my apartment, it did.  Sure, this idea has popped up in other settings as well, but never on a social one.

But, the party starts in 30 minutes and I only have three buck chuck in the fridge.  So, that’s what they’re getting tonight!

Avocados #SOL

Today has been an amazing day.  I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve made horrible jokes, and I’m about to go dancing.  Choosing just one slice to write about may prove the most challenging feat of this month-long exercise.  But here we go!

This late morning, I had an avocado for lunch, accompanied with some On the Border tortilla chips.  I whipped out my avocado 3-in-1 tool (a very cool Christmas gift) that helps me cut, de-pit, and slice the avocado for maximum enjoyment.

The best part was that it sparked a great (and more importantly inclusive) conversation from my lunch-mates, two bright, brilliant, and welcoming coworkers of mine.  We spoke about the necessity and futility of such a device, and how we, as humans, think we need some things, but actually don’t.  I thought about this further and wondered, conversely, what were some thing we think we don’t need, but actually do?

This was the first time solely eating lunch with these two colleagues at my job, yet I had consumed about 45 lunches there in the beginning of period 3 over this year so far.  With this meal though, I had the most delightful conversation ever, talking about everything and nothing.  We spoke of Maine, toddlers, pets, earwax, being sick, and many other things.  But, most importantly, conversation, something I had grown so accustomed to thinking was unimportant at this particular time, found its way back into my lunchtime ritual.  And it was delicious.

I apologize for the brevity of this piece, but I am due at a friend’s in 10 minutes with ginger ale (still need to purchase…) for a night of Latin-American Dancing.  Happy Friday!