Thank You #sol16

I want to thank slice of life for helping me reconcile a lot in my life right now.  Recently, I have faced certain struggles, either at work or in my personal life, and slicing away has assuaged these uncertainties by letting me write about them.

This evening, wine by my side, wool cardigan hugging my torso and arms, Pandora playing in the background, I wrote out my philosophy of teaching.  And I wrote about why I had struggled putting it into words.

It’s a lovely and passionate piece that highlights my philosophy, how I developed and perpetuated it, and the obstacles I face(d).  And I owe it all to Slice of Life.

I can’t recall the last time I used writing as a means of therapy.  I scribbled simple sentences sporadically and without meaning here and there, but nothing ever meaningful.  But now I actually feel a reprieve and that the stormy waters from yesterday have come to a rest.  It’s not exactly smooth sailing here on out, but I feel a sense of confidence I had not yet quite felt, and it’s refreshing.  I’ve got a juicy slice of life before me that I will carry forever, so thank you.


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